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Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy

The following is the Refund Policy held by Maftech INC for all its clients. No client is exempt from this policy and is liable if an application is made to Maftech INC for a refund.

No Refund

When the client changes their mind after work has been started on a project or cancels the order after delivery, the client shall be made no refund in any way. The client wishing to complete a new project will have to order one cause of its payment as Maftech INC demands and receive it accordingly.

Alternative Services Offered without Any Charges

If the client and the company cannot identify the issue and figure out who might be at fault, Maftech INC will make no refund of the payment but will offer alternative services without any charges. This rule, however, applies only to situations where confusion regarding the fault of either party continues to prevail or when both parties might be at fault. (edited)

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